New Jersey Woman with Coronavirus Gives Fake Details to Hospital and Leaves


New Jersey Officials Looking for COVID-19 Patient Who Gave False Name, Address before Leaving

A New Jersey woman who tested positive for the new coronavirus at a hospital gave a fake name and address to workers before walking out of the facility.

According to a local news source, the woman had taken a test for coronavirus at East Orange General Hospital on Saturday before leaving. The test results came back positive, and health officials arrived at the name and address she had given only to find out that the information was fake.

An investigation to track the woman is underway, with officials seeking a court order to obtain the surveillance footage from the hospital where she had been tested.

Newark Mayor, Ras Baraka, during a press conference had a message for the woman, asking her to contact her health provider and head back to the hospital as soon as possible because she was posing a public health risk to both herself and the community.

As of Tuesday, coronavirus cases had reached more than 260 in New Jersey. Baraka urged the public to remain vigilant and take the coronavirus outbreak seriously