Pregnant Girl Dies after Falling from the US-Mexico Border Wall

Miriam Stephany Girón Luna’s Unborn Baby Did Not Survive


A 19-year-old pregnant Guatemalan girl died after falling from the US-Mexico border wall near El Paso, Texas, last week Saturday.

According to a statement by the US and Guatemalan officials, Miriam Stephany Girón Luna, who was 8 months pregnant, was attempting to climb over the steel mesh barrier when she tripped and fell more than 19 feet.

The girl was rushed to a hospital in El Paso where she died while undergoing treatment. Health officials said the girl had a cerebral hemorrhage, kidney and liver lacerations and a fractured pelvis.

Her unborn baby did not survive.

Girón Luna reportedly wanted to reach the US to help her family financially. She was a social worker and a beauty pageant winner.