5 Killed after Heavy Rains Caused Flooding in Egypt

Schools and Government Offices were Closed on Thursday


At least five people were killed after heavy rains caused flooding across Egypt, the country’s health ministry said.

The government has since ordered the closure of schools, government offices and an airport. Thursday was also declared a public holiday and people were urged to stay at home and avoid areas that would be at risk of flooding.

One of those killed was a driver whose car was swept into a canal by strong wind in the southern province of Sohag. A second person was electrocuted while repairing a lighting column that had lost power due to the storm.

Lightning also caused several fires in the region.

The authorities said at least six people including a child were injured after their houses caved in due to floods.

Luxor International Airport, the Mediterranean port of Alexandria and the Red Sea port of Sharm el-Sheikh were temporarily closed.