President Trump Wants Payroll Tax Relief to Calm Virus-Scooped Markets


Donald Trump Plans Payroll Tax Relief in Response to Coronavirus

President Trump, on Monday, stated that his administration would request Congress to pass payroll tax relief together with other urgent measures to calm the fears of financial markets over the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Trump said this as public health, and economic maelstrom brought out by the epidemic drew closer to him personally.

The president told reporters that he was seeking “very substantial relief.” He also said that he was attempting to help the hourly-wage workers and ensure that they never miss a paycheck or be penalized for what is not their fault.

He stepped forward with the initiative contours after the markets dropped with a significant margin, and the outbreak continued spreading. Some of the president’s confidants in Congress announced that they were self-quarantining after getting in close contact with a coronavirus patient. One among them had traveled with Trump on Air Force One on Monday from Florida while the other was his newly appointed chief of staff.

As the president grappled with the pandemic, normal activities were being conducted at the White House.