Italy Announces Lockdown in the Region of Lombardy

The Move Aims at Curbing the Spread of Coronavirus


The Italian government has called for a lockdown in its northern region of Lombardy in an attempt to combat the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

According to a statement released on Saturday by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the lockdown will continue until April 3.

The new order places about 16 million people in the region and the country’s 14 provinces in containment. Movement in the red zones will be highly restricted, and the police will patrol the roads in the region to enforce the new laws.

Conte said the new measures would require sacrifices but called on citizens to practice self-responsibility.

The recent move comes after the country recorded a jump in the number of coronavirus infections to 5,883.

Among those infected is Nicola Zingaretti, the head of the co-ruling Democratic Party.