First Coronavirus Case Reported in Ventura County


Ventura County Confirms First Patient with COVID-19 

Health officials in Ventura County confirmed the first novel coronavirus on Friday. 

The affected person was among six Venturans who had traveled on Grand Cruise Ship headed to Mexico from San Francisco. 

According to Ashley Bautista, a Ventura County spokesperson, the patient came back to the entry port on February 21, 2020.

Officials stated that the patient stayed at home after returning from the ship and only left the house for a medical check-up. The patient was requested by a primary-care medic to stay inside their car to limit any exposure as the specimen was being taken for testing.

The results were officially released on Thursday, and the patient was confirmed to test positive. However, health officials have urged the public to wait for a secondary confirmation from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In the Cruise Ship was also the spouse of the infected patient who was requested to remain in quarantine since they showed no COVID-19 symptoms. 

Dr. Robert Levin, a Ventura County public health official, stated that the risk of the virus to the public still remains low.