6 Confirmed Dead in Washington State Coronavirus Cases


Coronavirus: Washington State Confirms 6 Deaths Monday

(March 2, 2020 – Health officials in Washington State confirmed four more deaths from the coronavirus Monday, bringing the total number of those killed by the virus in that state and the U.S. at large to six.

Fifteen states in total have confirmed cases of the virus with six of them, including California, Oregon, Illinois, New York, Florida and Rhode Island, announcing new infections over the weekend.

Five of those killed in Washington State were from King County and one from Snohomish County, authorities said. Two new cases of the coronavirus were reported recently in the Seattle area, located in King County.

A team of researchers in Washington said the state’s two deaths could be the tip of an iceberg, as there could be hundreds of infected people in King County. The report, however, had not yet been peer-reviewed.

Health officials fear the virus may be spreading through potential cases of mild or even asymptomatic infections.

The disease, which emerged in Wuhan, China, has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people globally and infected more than 89,000.

Several other countries have recorded rising cases of infections, including Iran, Italy and South Korea.

The fast rate of infections of the virus across the globe has led to countries issuing travel warnings and restrictions, particularly to and from the affected countries.