Los Angeles Deputies Searching for Hearse Stolen with Body inside


Hearse with Body Inside Stolen from Pasadena Church Wednesday Evening

The Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were searching for a hearse that was stolen from outside St. Anthony Greek Orthodox Church on Rosemead Boulevard at about 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Authorities said the church was holding a prayer service called a Trisagion, often held on the eve of a funeral day in the Greek Orthodox tradition, when the incident happened.

The body that was stolen was not associated with the church service but was in a mortuary vehicle that happened to be stopping by the church at the same time.

Reportedly, the mortuary attendant was bringing a body in the church, and another was in the vehicle that was left parked outside when it was stolen.

“Out of all the bad decisions you have made, at least make one good one & bring back the deceased person & casket inside the Navigator,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office tweeted.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.