Oregon Man Arrested for Using Counterfeit Money to Buy Girl Scout Cookies


Man Arrested after He Repeatedly Bought Girl Scout Cookies with Counterfeit Bills

Oregon police arrested a Salem man Sunday after he repeatedly used counterfeit money to buy Girl Scout cookies.

36-year-old Camdem Ducharme was arrested and charged with forgery and theft.

Police said earlier this month, Ducharme visited a cookie booth outside the Walmart Supercenter at 3025 Lancaster Drive in Salem that was being run by Tiffany Brown and her two daughters.

The man asked a lot of questions before he paid for a $5 box Tagalongs with a $20 bill and received a $15 in change.

Shortly after the man left, Brown’s 13-year-old daughter, Ava, noticed the bill seemed odd. She alerted her mother, who called the non-emergency police line, and a police officer confirmed that the bill was counterfeit.

Police, with the help of Walmart, used surveillance video to identify Ducharme. He was arrested after he returned to the store Sunday.