2 Men Jailed after the Shooting of Former Gang Leader in Copenhagen

Nedim Yasar was Leaving his Book Launch Event when He was Shot


Two people have been jailed in connection with the killing of a former gang leader in Denmark in November 2018.

Nedim Yasar, 31, had just turned his back on crime when he was shot dead in Copenhagen by Alexander Findanis.

Findanis and his friend, Martin Binni Svanberg, were arrested and found guilty of committing the crime. The two are likely to serve at least 16 years in jail.

The pair denied any wrongdoing and are planning to appeal the ruling.

Yasar was reportedly leaving his book launch event when he was shot. The book “Roots: A Gangster’s Way Out.” documented his journey into and away from gangland crime.

Although he was born in Turkey, Yasar moved to Denmark, where he led a Copenhagen-based crime gang called Los Guerreros. However, he left the gang in 2012 and joined the local radio station Radio24syv as a mentor for young people.