Spanish Police Rescue 6 People from Illegal Underground Cigarette Factory

Twelve People Believed to Be Behind the Operations of the Factory Arrested


Spanish police have rescued six people from an underground factory in southern Spain.

The police the six had been abandoned in the facility by a gang that operated the factory. The factory had reportedly been tightly soundproofed.

The officers had to use a forklift to remove a cargo container that had sealed the entrance to the underground bunker in the Monda area of Malaga Province.

The police said the factory had been operational for almost a year and had the capacity to roll out 3,500 cigarettes per hour. The factory reportedly generated profits of more than $647,000 per week.

The discovery of the facility was made after the police received a tip-off from Europol.

The authorities launched an operation and seized more than three million cigarettes.

Twelve have since been arrested as an investigation continues.