Iowa Professor of Economics Arrested over Husband’s Murder


Iowa Professor Charged with First-Degree Murder in Connection to Husband’s Death

A 41-year-old professor of economics in Iowa was arrested and charged in connection to the murder of her husband.

Gowun Park, a professor at a private Iowa liberal arts college, was charged Wednesday with murder after her husband, Sung Woo Nam, 41, was bound, gagged, and tied to a chair. Nam died Saturday.

Park had called 911 that night to report an unconscious person at her home. The suspect also sent an email Sunday to her students at Simpson College in Indianola informing them that her classes for the week had been canceled because of a “personal issue.”

According to court records, Park bound her husband’s hands and feet with zip ties, and tied him to a chair with rope. Park duct-taped Nam’s mouth after stuffing “an item of clothing” down his throat to prevent him from yelling.

As per the record, the injuries sustained by Nam were not self-inflicted.

Ms. Park went ahead to hide and conceal the binding items prior to the arrival of emergency crews, the report said.

Park was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping.