Utah Police Respond to 911 Call from Mother in Need of Baby Formula


Utah Mother Calls 911 after She Could not Feed her Baby at Night; Emergency Dispatchers get Formula to her

A mother of a 6-week-old baby in Utah called 911 in a panic asking for baby formula, and emergency dispatchers responded to help.

“I have no formula. And I have no idea how I can get formula to her. And I have been calling neighbors and no one will answer,” Shannon Bird told emergency dispatchers.

According to Bird, her milk suddenly dried up, and her fifth child needed to feed. Her four other children were sleeping and her husband was out of town.

Officers with the Lone Peak Police Department responded to her call for help.

The officers first stopped to grab a gallon of milk but realized it won’t work. They continued to another store and returned with formula.

Bird thanked the officers for coming to her aid in the emergency.