Car Full of Teenagers Accelerates, Runs Over Officer in Montana


Police Officer Sustains Serious Injuries after Car Full of Teenagers Accelerated and Drove towards Authorities

Car Full of Teenagers Accelerates, Runs Over Officer in Montana

Billings Police Department Officer Seriously Injured when Teen Drives Car at Officers

A 35-year-old Billing Police Department officer is nursing injuries after he was run over by a car full of teenagers early Saturday morning in what authorities said was a deliberate action by the driver.

Montana police said the 14-year-old boy driving the car was arrested and charged with attempted deliberate homicide of a police officer.

Authorities said the car, which at the time of the incident was occupied by the driver and 5 girls of ages ranging between 13 and 16, had evaded authorities multiple times on Valentine’s evening. Officers said they found the car stopped in the area of Bernard, south of Monad, just after 1:00 a.m. Saturday and approached to give the occupants instructions. As the officers were instructing the occupants, the car suddenly accelerated and ran over the BPD officer.

The six-year-old veteran, whose name had not yet been released, was transported to a hospital with serious injuries requiring surgery. The injuries were, however, non-life threatening.

Meanwhile, the car fled the scene but crashed shortly after. All occupants attempted fleeing on foot but were apprehended shortly after.

The six teens were all from the Billings area.

The driver was taken into custody and now faces charges in attempted deliberate homicide.