9 Homeless Drug Users Killed by Unknown Gunmen in Afghanistan

Afghan Health Ministry Said There are At Least 2.5 Million Drug Users in the Country


At least nine homeless people were shot dead by unknown gunmen in Afghan’s capital Kabul on Sunday. The authorities said all the victims were drug users.

The motive behind the rare attack was not immediately established. The victims were reportedly sleeping in an open area at the side of the Qargha mountain when they were shot.

The country, the largest producer of opium, is battling drug use among its citizens. It is estimated that there are more than 2.5 million drug users in Afghanistan with the majority reported to be addicted to heroin.

About 20,000 drug users are thought to be homeless. The country’s Ministry of Public Health said it can only treat 40,000 people.

The ministry said at least 50 homeless drug users succumbed to harsh winter weather in the past two months.