More than 6000 Bodies Discovered in Mass Graves in Burundi

The Victims are Believed to Have Been Killed during the 1972 Genocide


More than 6000 bodies have been discovered in at least six mass graves in Burundi, the authorities said.

The discovery was made after the government launched a nationwide excavation in January.

A spokesperson of the country’s truth and reconciliation commission said thousands of bullets were also recovered from the graves.

The commission said the victims are believed to have been killed during the 1972 genocide where people from the Hutu ethnic group were targeted.

The commission was established in 2014 to investigate atrocities and injustices from 1885 when foreigners arrived in the country.

At least 300,000 people were killed in the genocide that ended in 2005. The commission said it has mapped more than 4000 graves and identified more than 142,000 victims.