2 Maryland Officers Shot while Serving Arrest Warrant

2 Officers Hospitalized with Gunshot Wounds after being Shot by Suspect


Two Maryland police officers were shot by a suspect while they were serving a felony arrest warrant Wednesday in Baltimore, authorities said.

Baltimore police said the two officers confronted the suspect, who was only identified as a former state corrections official who had been under investigation, and gunshots were fired.

The incident happened at about noon.

According to police, the suspect left his job and then had a warrant outstanding for attempted murder in Pennsylvania last night and came back to Baltimore, and he was then involved in the shooting.

The suspect was outside and armed. He was shot and killed during the incident

The two officers, one from Baltimore city and the other from Baltimore County, were hospitalized. One of them sustained multiple gunshot wounds. He remained in serious but stable condition. The other officer was shot in the leg and is doing well.