4 Men Arrested in Connection with Murder of Journalist in North Ireland

The New IRA Claimed Responsibility for the Shooting of Lyra McKee in April 2019


The police in Northern Ireland have arrested four people in connection with the murder of journalist Lyra McKee in April 2019.

The murder of the journalist was claimed by Irish nationalist fighters opposed to the Good Friday peace deal.

The four men, aged 52, 29, 27, and 20, were arrested in Londonderry. The shooting 29-year-old was condemned by both Irish Catholic nationalist and pro-British Protestant unionist politicians.

McKee was reportedly watching a riot when a member of the New IRA opened fire in the direction of the police.

At the time of her death, McKee was writing a book on the disappearance of young people during the violence in Northern Ireland that culminated in the 1998 deal.