North Carolina Maintenance Man Shot by Tenant after Being Sent to the Wrong Apartment

Tenant Mistakenly Shoots Maintenance Man Attempting to get Access to His House after he was Sent to the Wrong Apartment


A North Carolina man is in critical but stable condition after he was shot in the chest by a tenant when he was trying to get access to a house after his contractor sent him to the wrong apartment.

Byron Castillo, a 48-year-old painter from Winston-Salem, was contracted by the Chatham Woods apartment complex in High Point last week to complete repairs on an apartment, authorities said.

According to authorities, Castillo was accidentally sent to the wrong apartment where he arrived at about 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 30.

The painter identified himself as maintenance and began knocking on the door. He then attempted to enter the premises with a key that he was given that did not work.

The occupant of the house, Gregory Sims, 28, allegedly became scared, and fearing for his safety, opened the door of his apartment, and shot Castillo once in the chest.

Castillo was taken to a local hospital where he underwent surgery for the gunshot wound. He was placed on a breathing machine and remained in critical but stable condition.

The High Point Police Department said they investigated the circumstances around the shooting but would not seek prosecution.

According to the Violent Crimes Unit, the case was presented to the Guilford County District Attorney’s Office, and prosecution was declined.

Police said it was unfortunate that Castillo attempted to gain entry mistakenly into the wrong apartment, and Sims perceived that as a threat and fired.