Shooting Incident on Greyhound Bus Kills 1, Injures 5; Suspect Arrested

1 Passenger Killed, 5 Hurt in Shooting on Greyhound Bus in Southern California


A passenger died, and five others were injured in a shooting that happened on a Greyhound bus early Monday morning in Southern California.

According to authorities, the bus was traveling on Interstate 5 near Lebec, en route from Los Angeles to the San Francisco area.

At about 1:27 a.m. local time, a gunman started shooting on the bus.

The driver immediately pulled to the shoulder of the freeway and then persuaded the gunman to get off the bus.

The suspect voluntarily got off the bus, leaving his handgun behind, authorities said.

The driver exited the freeway and pulled into a gas station to seek medical help for the victims.

Authorities said a 51-year-old woman died of her wounds, and five others were hospitalized. Two of the victims remained in serious condition.

The suspect was taken into custody without further incident. It remained unclear what was the motive behind the shooting.

Officers are collecting more information about the incident.