Tennessee Man Smokes Marijuana in Front of Judge while Pleading for Legalization

Man Smokes Marijuana in Wilson County Courthouse while Advocating for Legalization


A Tennessee man caused drama in a Wilson County courthouse when he smoked marijuana in front of a judge.

20-year-old Spencer Alan Boston was appearing before Judge Haywood Barry on Monday at the Wilson County Courthouse in Lebanon on a simple possession of marijuana citation.

While at the podium, Boston began to tell the judge that marijuana should be legalized. He then reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a joint. Boston lit the joint and took multiple puffs.

He then turned around to make a comment to those in the courtroom, but officers immediately took him to custody.

He now faces new charges, including disorderly conduct and simple possession of marijuana.

He is being held on a $3,000 bond.