Former Sen. Martin Sandoval Charged with Bribery in Red-Light Camera Program

Former Illinois Lawmaker Charged with Red-Light Camera Bribery


Former Illinois Senator, Martin Sandoval, was on Monday charged for being suspected of accepting payments in exchange for supporting costly red-light programs across the state and filing a false tax return.

Federal prosecutors allege that Sandoval “corruptly solicited, demanded, agreed to accept and accepted” payments for “continued support for the operation of red-light cameras in the State of Illinois.”

Prosecutors say the suspected bribery happened between 2016 and 2019 when the former senator was the chair of the transportation committee. During that period, Sandoval wielded enormous influence in how state transportation funds were spent.

Other parties involved in the alleged bribery were not mentioned.

The former senator was also charged with filing a false tax return. Prosecutors say Sandoval misstated his income in a 2017 return when he indicated his income at $125,000. Prosecutors claim his income exceeded that amount, and he was aware of it.

Sandoval announced his resignation, effective Jan. 1, after it was clear that he was an investigative target.