Tinder to Introduce Panic Button for Date Emergencies

Tinder Launches Panic Button for Dates that go Wrong


Tinder is working on making app dating safer by introducing a panic button in case dates go wrong. Tinder partnered with Noonlight, a safety app that tracks a user’s location and alerts emergency services if an alarm on the app is triggered.

Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, announced the news Thursday.

Users who link Noonlight to their Tinder profiles will be able to tell the app when they are going on a date and be able to quickly tap on a button on the app in case someone feels unsafe.

When a user taps the button, they will be prompted to enter a pin in 10 seconds before that silent alarm goes off. The app’s GPS feature would then guide authorities to the scene.

The feature will make people, especially women, feel safer when meeting people they have never met before.