Virginia’s Highest Court Upholds Ban on Weapons at Gun-Rights Rally

Virginia’s Highest Court on Friday Upheld Ban on Firearms at Up-Coming Gun Rally


The Supreme Court of Virginia on Friday upheld a decision to ban firearms at a rally that is planned to take place in the state’s capital.

Authorities feared that the rally could erupt in violence at the hand of armed extremists.

The decision comes days after Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, declared a state of emergency and issued an executive order banning all weapons from the Capitol grounds in Richmond.

Gun-rights groups filed the lawsuit to overturn the governor’s ban.

The annual rally is scheduled to take place on Monday and has drawn attention from militia groups, anti-government groups, and white supremacists.

Gun-rights groups were opposed to the ban, arguing that it would violate their Second Amendment right to bear arms and their First Amendment freedom of speech.

Gov. Northan praised the ruling saying it would “help to ensure the safety of all Virginians.”