2 Bodies of Teenagers Found near Scene of Iceland’s 1973 Plane Crash

An Autopsy to Determine Cause of Death has been Scheduled


Icelandic authorities have recovered the bodies of two Chinese nationals in their early 20s at the scene of a 1973 plane crash.

The man and the woman were found near the Sólheimasandur, a popular tourist attraction site.

A US military plane crash-landed on the beach in 1973. Luckily, no one was killed in the crash.

The authorities received reports of a woman’s body, which was discovered of the path leading to the site. A man’s body was also discovered a short distance away.

Although the police believe there was “criminal act” by a third party, an autopsy to establish the cause of the deaths has been scheduled. The officials said the bodies showed signs of hypothermia.

A car that had been rented by the couple was found in the site’s car park.