2 Pittsburg Teens Charged after Video of Toddler Seen Vaping Posted on Social Media

2 High School Students Charged after Allegedly Allowing 2-Year-Old to Vape


Police in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, are investigating a video that was posted on social media showing a 2-year-old boy using a vaping device in the presence of two teenagers.

The toddler is seen in the video coughing after he inhaled from the device. Two teenagers, including one who was babysitting the kid, are heard laughing in the background.

Authorities said the incident occurred on Jan. 9 at a home on Jan-L Street in Westmoreland County, where a 17-year-old female from Seward was babysitting the boy.

According to police, the baby took the vaping device from a nightstand and used it. The 17-year-old girl and another 18-year-old female from Armagh, both students at United High School in Armagh, recorded the incident on video, and it was posted on social media.

Both teens are not related to the child, according to authorities.

Pennsylvania State Police said charges for endangering the welfare of a child are pending against the teens.

Police were informed about the video by a concerned citizen. Officers informed the incident to the child’s parents and Children and Youth Services.