Kentucky Woman Arrested for Murder after her Dog Mauls, Kills Man

Kentucky Police Arrest Owner of Pit Bull that Mauled, Killed Man in Conway


Police in Kentucky said a 38-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of killing a man with an aggressive pit bull Friday on Pug Lane in Conway.

Police said 55-year-old Donald Abner died after he was mauled by a pit bull owned by Melissa Wolke at his home.

Police said Abner and Wolke were friends, and they did not know why the two were involved in an altercation or what it was about.

Wolke is accused of siccing the dog on Abner and refusing to command it to retreat.

Scottie Pennington, an officer with the Kentucky State Police, said he looked at the incident as a case where the woman used her pit bull as a weapon to help her in the altercation.

Wolke was charged for murder, resisting arrest, menacing, and public intoxication.

Officers shot the dog dead and took it away in a body bag.