Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility for Deadly Car Bomb in Mogadishu

The Armed Group Said the Bombing Targeted a Convoy of Turkish Officials


The Al-Shabaab militia group has claimed responsibility for the deadly car bomb that killed at least 81 people in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu.

The armed group said the blast “targeted a convoy of Turkish mercenaries and apostate militia who were escorting them”. They accused Turkey of trying to control Somalia’s resources.

Among those killed in Saturday’s bombing were 16 Benadir University students who were traveling in a bus.

Al-Shabaab apologized to the civilians who were affected by the blast saying “We are very sorry about the casualty that was inflicted on our Somali Muslim society, and we are extending our condolences to the Muslims who have lost their lives and or (were) wounded and or had their property destroyed.”