Ring, Amazon Sued for $5M following Hacking Incidents

John Baker Orange Sues Ring and Amazon after Ring Camera above his Garage Hacked


An Alabama man is suing Ring, and its owner Amazon for “lax security standards” after the Ring camera mounted above his garage was allegedly hacked, allowing the stranger to talk to his kids.

John Baker Orange said his kids were playing basketball in the driveway when the hacker encouraged them to get closer to the camera.

The lawsuit comes after several Ring camera users reported incidents of hacking whereby the hackers used the camera system to spy on and taunt residents.

In one incident, a hacker talked to an 8-year-old girl from her bedroom in Mississippi and in another, a Florida man was harassed with racial slurs.

The Alabama man has filed a $5m lawsuit against Ring and Amazon claiming that they failed to provide robust security measures.

Ring had earlier said the incidents occurred due to someone using the same username and password elsewhere and hackers gained the credentials and logged into the user’s account.

The lawsuit, however, says the company was blaming customers to avoid liability.