Surveillance Camera Footage Shows North Carolina Resource Officer Slamming and Dragging 11-Year-Old

Vance County Middle School Resource Officer Placed on Leave after being Captured ‘Assaulting’ Student


A school resource officer at Vance County Middle School in North Carolina was placed on paid leave after a surveillance video showed him slamming and dragging an 11-year-old boy.

The footage, which surfaced on Thursday, shows the boy being slammed to the ground twice before being dragged off the camera by the officer.

The school notified the Sheriff’s Office after discovering the incident.

Vance County Sheriff Curtis Brame said he was “stunned” by the video and asked the State Bureau of Investigation to probe the situation at the school.

The Vance County Schools administration released a statement saying they are deeply concerned by the actions that took place and are closely working with district officials and local authorities to address the matter.

The name of the resource officer involved was not released.