Chile Begins Identification of Victims of Military Plane Crash

The Plane Crashed into Antarctica While On A Regular Maintenance Flight


Chilean authorities have started the identification of remains following a deadly plane crash on Monday.

A military plane crashed into the Antarctic enroute to a base in far-southern Chile on a regular maintenance flight, killing thirty-eight people on board.

The remains of the victims were transported to Chabunco airbase for identification. Thirty-nine relatives of 11 crash victims have since been flown to Punta Arena to provide DNA samples.

The C-130 plane was transporting 21 passengers and 17 crew when it lost radio contact about 70 minutes after taking off.

Floating debris from the plane was spotted on the Drake Passage, the sea between Antarctica and the southern tip of South America, on Wednesday by a plane that was conducting a search.

Although the cause of the crash is yet to be established, the air force said the plane’s maintenance record was in order.