Recording Devices Found in Minneapolis Hotel Rooms

Authorities Investigate Recording Devices Found in Hyatt Regency Hotel in Minneapolis


Authorities are investigating recording devices that were found in some guest rooms at a hotel in downtown Minneapolis.

Authorities said hidden cameras were discovered in the hotel rooms of Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, and they are looking into the matter.

According to Wisconsin’s Madison Metropolitan School District, some of their students found the hidden cameras in their Minneapolis hotel rooms while on a school trip.

The school staffer who accompanied the students on the trip was put on administrative leave as a precaution.

Police said they were not sure if the devices recorded any guests as they have ‘not mined any data from those devices as of yet.’

The hotel’s administration said the safety and security of guests and colleagues is a top priority, and they contacted police immediately they learned about the situation.

A thorough property-wide search for unauthorized recording devices was also done.

Local authorities said it did not appear that anyone associated with the hotel was involved.

The hotel is fully cooperating with the Minneapolis Police Department.