Alaska Dentist Rode Hoverboard while Performing Procedure, Authorities Say

Prosecutors Say Alaska Dentist Rode Hoverboard during Procedure


A dentist in Anchorage, Alaska, is accused of fraud, unnecessarily sedating patients, and performing a procedure while riding a hoverboard.

Prosecutors charged Seth Lookhart, 34, with felony Medicaid fraud and reckless endangerment.

The dentist denied the felony fraud allegations but acknowledged some other accusations, including the hoverboard procedure.

On Wednesday, a former patient, Veronica Wilhelm, testified against the dentist at his trial. The patient said she was angered when an investigator showed her a video of Lookhart extracting one of her teeth while she was sedated and the doctor riding a hoverboard.

Wilhelm also said she was annoyed when the dentist sedated her son for a teeth cleaning.

Defense attorney Paul Stockler described the dentist’s actions as “absolutely stupid,” but said he has seen much more dangerous things where no doctor has been charged.

Authorities claimed the dentist unnecessarily sedated patients so he could inflate his Medicaid billing. They said he fraudulently billed Medicaid about $1.8 million dollars and stole $250,000 from his partners.

The dentist’s license was suspended in 2017 by a state board.