Uber Reports over 3,000 Sexual Assaults in 2018

Uber Says over 3,000 Passengers Reported Sexual Assaults Last Year


More than 3,000 sexual assaults were reported during Uber trips made in 2018, according to a safety report released by the ride-sharing company Friday.

The company said both riders and drivers were attacked, and some assaults occurred between riders.

The cases include 229 rapes across the company’s 1.3 billion rides. The report also said Uber rides were involved in 58 traffic fatalities and nine murders throughout the year.

The report was focused on rides in the U.S. alone and not the 65 other countries where Uber operates.

In 2017, 2,936 sexual assaults were reported.

The statistics are based on reports from riders and drivers, meaning the actual number could be even more due to incidents that go unreported.

While announcing the report, Uber said keeping the information in the dark does not make anyone safer.

The company added that the vast majority of 99.9% did not have reports of any safety issues.