LAPD Officer under Investigation for Allegedly Fondling with Dead Woman’s Breasts

Body-Cam Footage Shows California Police Officer Fondling with Dead Woman


A Los Angeles Police Department officer was placed on leave and is being investigated after a body-cam footage captured him fondling a dead woman’s breasts, a local news source reported.

The officer and his partner were responding to reports of a dead woman in a residential unit when the incident happened.

According to authorities, when the officers determined the woman was dead, one of them returned to the patrol car to get something. During that time, the suspected officer turned off his body camera and fondled the woman’s breasts. The incident was still captured due to a two-minute buffer on the device.

Police officers discovered the incident when they were doing a random inspection of body camera footage.

In a statement, LAPD said the officer was assigned an immediate paid leave after learning about the allegations.

Los Angeles Police Protective League Board of Directors said if the allegations are proven to be true, then the officer’s behavior is not only wrong but extremely disturbing.

An investigation into the incident is in progress.