Man’s Body Found in Deceased Woman’s Freezer at Home in Utah

Man’s Body Discovered in Elderly Woman’s Freezer could have been there for Years


The body of a man that was discovered in an elderly woman’s freezer who was also found dead in her home could have been there for as many as 11 years.

Police were doing a routine welfare check on Jeanne Souron-Mathers, 75, after she had not been seen for about two weeks. When they gained access to the elderly woman’s house, they discovered her deceased on her bed.

Authorities began processing the scene of the woman’s death, but when they looked into a deep freezer, they discovered a man’s body inside.

Police later identified the man as her husband, Paul Edward Mathers.

Neighbors told police varying information about when they last saw a man in the home. Different people said they remember seeing a man at the apartment, but all gave different timeframes ranging from a year to 11 years.

Authorities said foul play is suspected in the man’s death, but the death of the woman is not considered suspicious.