3 Men Jailed for Plotting Terrorist Attack in Melbourne, Australia

The 3 Planned to Attack using Machetes, Guns and Improvised Explosive Devices


An Australian court has jailed three men for plotting a terrorist attack in Melbourne in December 2016.

The Islamic State-affiliated men were found with machetes and explosives they were planning to use to carry out the attack in the busy area of the Australian city during the Christmas season.

The plot was foiled by the police after intercepting the group’s text and email communications.

“[The plot was] an assault on the fundamental values our society,” Justice Christopher Beake said as he sentenced the suspects.

Victoria’s Supreme Court sentenced Ahmed Mohamed and Abdullah Chaarani for 38 years while the third man, Hamza Abbas, was jailed for 22 years. The prosecutors said the men had planned to attack the Flinders Street Station, the Federation Square and other populated areas of the city.