Iraqi Anti-Government Protesters Set Iranian Consulate on Fire

The Protesters Decry Iranian Influence in Iraqi Affairs


The Iranian consulate in Najaf was set on fire by the Iraqi anti-government protesters on Wednesday morning.

The protesters are reported to have stormed into the building and set it ablaze after weeks of protests in the capital Baghdad. The staff at the consulate had been safely evacuated before the attack by the demonstrators.

The country’s foreign ministry has condemned the attack on the consulate.

Wednesday’s attack resulted in the city being placed under curfew. One protester was killed and 35 others were wounded in the incident.

The violent protests in the capital and the Shia-Muslim-majority south has resulted in the death of several who were shot by the Iraqi security forces.

The demonstrators accused the government of corruption, poor public services, and high unemployment. They also complained of the Iranian influence in Iraqi affairs.