Japan’s Tohoku Electric Power Receives Approval to Reopen Reactor

The Power Plant was Shut Down after the 2011 Earthquake


Japan is set to reopen the Onagawa power plant, about eight years after it was destroyed by an earthquake in 2011.

The Japanese power company, Tohoku Electric Power, received initial regulatory approval to restart the No.2 reactor located in the country’s northeast. The company said on Wednesday that it had secured the approval from Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority.

The reactor was damaged in the quake that subsequently triggered the Fukushima disaster, characterized by a tsunami that killed more than 200, 000. The power plant was near the epicenter of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that shook the region in March 2011.

Reports indicate that the reactor and its cooling system survived the floods that swamped the power plant.

However, the plant’s No.1 reactor is scheduled for decommissioning while the fate of the No.3 reactor is yet to be established.