Florida Man Tells Police Wind Blew Bag of Cocaine into His Car

Man Arrested after Claiming Wind Blew Coke Baggie into His Car


A Florida man who was pulled over by police last month in Fort Pierce for failing to pause at a stop sign claimed a bag of crack cocaine found in his car was blown there by ‘the wind’.

37-year-old Joseph Zak, of Port Saint Lucie, Florida, is facing charges in possession of paraphernalia following an October 5 traffic stop in Fort Pierce.

Zak was pulled over by police after he failed to stop at a stop sign. Just before he stopped the car, an officer said he saw him making some movements as if he was attempting to throw something out of the passenger window.

Authorities said when the driver stopped the car, he tried to hide an open Budweiser beer can in the driver’s side door. Police removed Zak from his car, handcuffed him, and searched the vehicle.

Police found a ‘round glass cylinder commonly used for smoking crack cocaine’ in the center console and a clear plastic baggie on the rear seat.

A field test was conducted and revealed that the baggie was positive for crack cocaine residue.

When officers asked Zak about the bag, he said it was not his and that “the wind must have brought it there”.

Zak was arrested and booked at St. Lucie County Jail. He was later released on a bond.

He will appear in court on Dec. 3 for an arraignment hearing.