Bogota Mayor Places City Under Curfew after Eruption of New Protests

Protests were Sparked by Planned Labor Reforms and Privatization of State-Owned Companies


A curfew has been imposed at the Colombian capital, Bogota, after new anti-government protests broke out. The curfew was announced by the city’s mayor on Friday.

Anti-riot police were deployed to the streets to quell the violent protests that saw several shops looted.

More than 200, 000 people are reported to have attended Thursday’s demonstrations. It is reported that the protests were sparked by a government’s intention to effect changes to minimum wage, pension and tax reforms, and the planned privatization of some companies.

However, the government has dismissed the claims saying any reforms would be enforced after consultation with labor groups. President Iván Duque has called for a dialogue next week aimed at easing the tensions.