Iranian Government Gradually Restoring the Internet after 5-Day Shutdown

The Government Shut Down the Internet to Quell Protests against Increase in Fuel Prices


The Iranian government has loosened cyber restrictions, allowing internet access in some provinces after a five-day national shutdown. The shutdown was aimed at curbing the violent protests in the country caused by the recent increase in fuel prices.

Iranian elite Revolutionary Guard security force said on Thursday that calm had been restored across the country and the internet was gradually being restored.

The National Security Council approved the restoration of the internet after it ordered the shutdown a few days ago. Full restoration is expected within the next two days.

The nationwide protests were sparked by the government’s decision to introduce fuel-rationing and the withdrawal of fuel subsidies. The move resulted in the increase in fuel prices by more than 50%. Several businesses recorded loses during the shutdown

According to a report by Amnesty International, at least 100 people were killed in the protests.