Hidden Camera Found in Texas Elementary School Boy’s Bathroom

Texas Elementary School Worker Arrested after Hidden Camera Discovered in Boy’s Bathroom


Authorities arrested a food worker at a Texas elementary school after a hidden camera was discovered inside a boy’s bathroom.

42-year-old Scott Gelardi, an Aramark contracted food worker at Northside Elementary School In El Campo, Texas, was arrested Tuesday as he was reporting to work.

The arrest followed a police investigation that pointed Gelardi as the suspect.

According to the El Campo Independent School District, maintenance workers were doing routine maintenance to a building when they discovered a small camera hidden inside a boy’s bathroom beneath a toilet paper dispenser.

Police examined the footage on the camera along with the school’s surveillance footage. They established the suspect had recorded his own face.

Gelardi worked as a director of food services for the school district, meaning he had access to all schools in El Campo. ECISD searched through all the school’s bathrooms and did not see any other devices.

El Campo Police Department said none of the children involved had been identified and there is no evidence the suspect had any physical contact with the children.

Gelardi will face charges in possession of child pornography, a third-degree felony, and possession of child pornography with the intent to promote, a second-degree felony, according to ECPD.