15 Killed by Rebel Fighters in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Six of the Victims Belonged to One Family


At least fifteen people were killed by suspected rebel fighters in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the local authorities reported on Saturday. The attack was the largest massacre in the region since the security forces launched an operation to drive out the fighters.

The campaign that started last month has received support from the United Nations.

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) operates in the dense forest of the eastern Congo near the Ugandan border.

According to a report by the local civil society activists, more than forty civilians have been killed by ADF fighters in retaliatory attacks within the past week and hundreds since 2014.

Friday’s attack happened in the village of Mbau and was carried out by assailants armed with bladed weapons. The authorities confirmed that six of the victims were members of one family. Seven other victims were members of a Pygmy ethnic group in a nearby forest.