Vice President Mike Pence Praises Rule that would let Adoption Agencies Exclude Gay Parents

Pence Praises Rule that Would Allow Adoption Agencies Ban Gay Parents


Vice President Mike Pence, during an event celebrating National Adoption Month at a Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, praised a proposed Trump administration rule that will allow adoption and foster agencies to refuse to work with LGBTQ families.

Trump administration said it will be reversing the rule implemented during President Obama’s administration that banned adoption agencies that receive grants from discriminating against gay parents.

Pence said, “he couldn’t be more proud” of the “decisive action” taken by Trump administration on the issue. The proposed rule will see federal funds flow to adoption agencies that do not place children with LGBTQ families.

Trump administration proposed to undo the rule that was passed during Obama’s administration that changed non-discrimination rules on adoption agencies. The rule sought LGBTQ to be included in the definition of groups protected against discrimination.

LGBTQ advocacy groups have expressed their disappointment with the proposed rule saying LGBTQ families treat children as other families, and such a rule would be inappropriate.