Bolivia’s President Evo Morales and Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera Resign

Resignation Comes after Weeks of Protests against Morales’ Re-Election


Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has stepped down following weeks of protests against his re-election.

Morales was encouraged by the military to resign in a bid to restore peace in the country. In a televised address, Morales said he was leaving office for the “good of the country.”

He said violent groups attacked his house in Cochabamba. He also accused the police of issuing an illegal warrant for his arrest. Bolivia’s police chief, however, denied the claims.

Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera also announced his resignation.

The announcements sparked celebrations in the streets in the country’s administrative capital, La Paz. However, violent unrest were also reported in the city of El Alto and other parts of the country.