Ohio Boy, 6, Brings Loaded Gun to School in Backpack

6-Year-Old Boy Brings Loaded, Semiautomatic Gun to School in Backpack Wednesday


Authorities said a 6-year-old boy in Columbus, Ohio, brought a loaded semi-automatic handgun to school in his backpack. The incident occurred Wednesday morning at Kids Care Elementary, a free public charter school in Columbus.

Police said the boy’s grandparents had reported the gun missing a day earlier.

The firearm was discovered when the boy told another student about it. That student informed a teacher. The school administrators collected the firearm and contacted police.

According to Detective Dave Bucy, who works with the department’s gun crimes unit, they were unable to establish why the boy brought the gun to school. “May be it was out of curiosity or to show off,” he said.

The child is not expected to be charged due to competency and his age, as per the police.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.