Oklahoma Releases Hundreds of Inmates as Part of the State’s Criminal Justice Reform

More than 450 Oklahoma Inmates Released Monday in Largest Commutation in U.S. History


More than 450 Oklahoma inmates were released Monday, marking the largest single-day commutation in U.S. history.

The commutations follow a 2019 law that made it easier to review sentences of inmates who were previously charged with crimes that may not be considered felonies if charged today, according to the governor’s office.

 The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board reviewed 814 inmates and recommended 527 to Governor Kevin Stitt. 462 were released on Monday, and 65 others are being held on detainer.

About 70 women of those released were women from the Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Facility.

To ensure the inmates were set up for success after the release, Gov. Kevin Stitt said the state hosted 28 job fairs, including information about housing, education, and other life necessities.