Federal Agency Says Inclined Sleepers Linked to Infant Deaths, Advises Parents not to Use them

Federal Agency Urges Parents and Caretakers not to use Inclined Sleep Products, Cites 73 Infant Deaths


Federal authorities said certain sleep products do not provide a safe sleep environment and hence parents and caretakers should stop using them.

In a statement released Thursday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission cited 73 infant deaths from January 2005 to June 2019 saying they were related to infant reclined sleep products. CPSC also said more than 1,100 incidents were also reported to the commission over that period.

The commission gave the advice after the results of tests on the design of the sleepers by Dr. Erin Mannen, a mechanical engineer specializing in biomechanics at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

The independent expert found that “soft and plush-like sleep surfaces pose dangers to infants.” A surface that is inclined 10 degrees or lower is likely safe, as per the report.

The commission advised that the “bare is best” and “back to sleep” models are the best ways to put infants to sleep. Parents and caretakers should, therefore, not add blankets or pillows to the child’s sleeping environment and should always place them on their backs.

CPSC issued the warning on Thursday but did not mention specific companies.