4 People Killed in Halloween Party Shooting in Orinda, California

4 Dead in Halloween Party Shooting at Airbnb Rental in California Neighborhood


Four people died, and several others were injured in a shooting that happened at a Halloween party in the San Francisco Bay Area, authorities said.

According to police, the shooting occurred Thursday night at a rental home in Orinda that was attended by 100 people.

Several law enforcement agencies, including the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, responded to the scene.

Three people were pronounced dead at the scene, and another died at the hospital. Several others were injured in the incident.

The shooting took place at an Airbnb rental. The homeowner, Michael Wang, said he rented it out to a woman through Airbnb for what the woman said would be a family reunion for a dozen people.

Airbnb released a statement condemning the shooting and promising to cooperate with authorities in their investigation. They also said they had banned the renter from their platform.

Police did not mention the reasons behind the shooting and if anyone had been arrested.